We recycle for you Send us your old Yoga equipment and self massage tools and receive 20% off your next order! Click here for more details.


We Plant TreesWe plant 1 tree with every single order. We have partnered with One Tree Planted and pledge to plant all our trees in Australia. For more info on how it works, head to One Tree Planted. 

Materials Cork is such a wonderful material. The best part is it's natural and we don't need to cut down any trees in order to harvest it. Cork is taken from the bark of the cork oak tree, allowing the tree to continue to grow and thrive. Another awesome thing about cork is it's recyclable, extremely durable and non toxic.

Packaging All of our packaging has been carefully considered. We use compostable mailers, tape, stickers, postage labels, packing peanuts and recyclable boxes, cards and tissue paper. We use reuse materials like old cardboard boxes to make void fill to keep your package safe. We minimise packaging where possible. We advocate to our audience to responsibly recycle or compost any material that comes with their order. 

Receiving When we receive our products from our manufacture we ask that none of our products are plastic wrapped (a common practice unless specified that it's unwanted). We do receive a small amount of plastic which is unavoidable when shipping and we recycle this correctly. 

Recycling As a business we recycle everything that we can. Any intact boxes we give away to be reused as moving or storage boxes, we recycle any unusable cardboard, we home compost and we participate in soft plastic recycling at our local supermarket.  

Delivery We use carbon neutral delivery. This means that the carbon produced during your delivery is offset with programs to neutralise the carbon produced. We allow pick up for those who are local to our area on the Gold Coast.