Why recycle?

Until now it has been virtually impossible to recycle yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga straps, foam rollers, self massage balls and self massage tools. These types of items are often made of non-recyclable materials or they are made from mixed materials rendering them impossible to recycle.

Recycling your plastic can help divert waste from landfill and limit the risk of plastic finding their way into our waters ways. Scientist estimate that around only 10 per cent of plastic is recycled in Australia each year. We cannot continue to put plastic into landfill. Our animals, landscape and oceans cannot take any more plastic.

Recycled plastic material can be turned into all types of amazing products like community benches, cheap building materials and so much more.

These items have been deemed non-recyclable mainly because they cannot be recycled in our curb side recycling program. These items need specialised people and equipment to be sorted correctly and recycled with other like materials. The good news is MOBECO has found a solution.

Consider the alternatives before recycling such as giving to charity if your items still in good nick.

INTRODUCING TerraCycle®. TerraCycle® is an Australian company creating recycling solutions available for almost every form of waste.

How does it work?

MOBECO purchases a Zero Waste Box™ from TerraCycle®. MOBECO collects your old yoga mats, blocks, straps, massage balls, and other similar items and pops them in the box. They send this box back to TerraCycle® for them to sort and break down these products into new products.

Not only will MOBECO recycle your unwanted items for you but they will give you a discount towards future purchases of their eco-friendly yoga and self massage tools! It's a win Win WIN!

Here's what you can recycle with MOBECO:

  • Foam rollers of any shape, size, material or brand

  • Self massage balls/tools of any shape, size, material or brand

  • Yoga mats of any material or brand

  • Yoga blocks of any material or brand

  • Yoga straps of any material or brand​

  • Yoga blosters and covers of any material or brand

Here is what you can purchase with your discount:

Any of MOBECO's sustainable self massage tools or yoga props can be purchased with 20% off when you recycle with them. All MOBECO products are plastic free, made from sustainable materials and are durable. MOBECO also plants one tree with every purchase, they ship plastic free, and use carbon neutral payment gateways and shipping.

Are you ready to recycle? Here's what you need to do.

1. Collect at least 3 items to be recycled to be eligible for a 20% discount.

2. Include a note with your name and email address and send your items to:


Parcel Locker 10075 28514

Pacific Fair Sc 2 Hooker Boulevard

Broadbeach Waters QLD 4218

​3. MOBECO will email you an individual discount code once they have received your recyclables.

Check the main page here for more info and terms and conditions here.

Got questions? Drop them below or email