I’m so glad you’ve found your way to us, because it means you’ve probably been through the same things that I have. I want to tell you my story and see if it resonates with you. You won’t believe what I found out along the way!

5 years ago I was working as a personal trainer in a very popular and busy gym in Melbourne CBD. I had great clients and the gym was state of the art. Modern machines, loads of courses and opportunities for me to up-skill and learn more about the body and how mobility, strength and flexibility impacts our overall wellbeing.


With an eco-conscious mind, I went on the hunt for a durable and high quality yoga mat that would complement my training and last me for years. I’ve always made conscious purchases and preferred to invest in ethical companies then cheap options that would deteriorate quickly or were focused on making a quick buck.

Just 5 years ago it was almost impossible to find any yoga equipment that wasn’t made from plastic or synthetic materials.

I couldn’t believe it. I naively thought “well, if I buy a high quality mat from a reputable brand it should last me for many many years”. Boy was I wrong. Not only did it deteriorate in just one year, I had the staff from this brand and even allied health practitioners telling me I SHOULD buy a new mat once a year!

WHAT! I couldn’t believe it! Every single year... a new mat.

Made from plastic and synthetic materials. And what happens to all the mats that deteriorate or get discarded? With limited recycling options they would mostly end up in landfill!

There had to be another way. Just one yoga mat is capable of producing up to 126,000 pieces of micro-plastic.

If I bought a new mat every year as recommended, over 10 years that’s 1.2million pieces of micro plastics potentially going into the environment!

I have since recycled this mat (through our very own MOBECO Recycling Program) but I took this photo to demonstrate how significant the deterioration was from what is supposed to be a “high end” brand.

The corners were turned up, the edges buckled, the surface had scuffed and faded and the bottom layer was flaking away and breaking down. 

I had to do something. So I started MOBECO, with the mission of ensuring that every item we produce is carefully considered for its impact on the environment and even how it can give back to the environment at the end of its life.


We discovered a beautiful synergy between antibacterial, biodegradable, durable and stylish in this miracle material - cork.

Our yoga equipment and self massage tools are designed to last. Compared to plastic and particularly foam options our cork products significantly outperform them in durability. Not only that, at the end of their life, they can be recycled or composted (giving nutrients back into the soil).

But producing MOBECO products in an environmentally friendly way wasn’t enough. I wanted to ensure that every element of my business had not only minimal impact on the environment, but also had a positive impact. This is why we plant trees with every order, use carbon neutral shipping and payment providers and it’s why our customers love us and keep coming back. They know we care deeply about our impact, and they can rest easy in knowing their investment is reducing the production of virgin plastics, regenerating valuable forest land in Australia and stemming the flow of synthetic and plastic yoga and massage tools that will eventually end up in landfill.

We'd love to hear about your experience with yoga mats. How long has your yoga mat lasted in the past? Let us know in the comments below! If you'd like to know more about MOBECO and our commitment to sustainability and positive impact check out this short 3 minute video we popped together.