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What is cork?

Cork is a 100% natural plant tissue from the bark of the cork oak. It consists of a hive of microscopic cells containing a gas identical to air. It has a range of uses associated with its attributes that no technology has yet managed to replicate or exceed.

Is it natural?

Yes! Cork is a 100% natural raw material, 100% renewable, 100% reusable and 100% recyclable. Cork is extracted without harming the normal development of the species and without damaging the tree.

How long will it last?

Cork is totally impermeable to liquids and practically impermeable to gases. Its resistance to moisture allows it to grow old without deteriorating.That means when you sweat on this product it does not seep into the materials like foam alternatives. Cork is resistant to wear, thanks to its honeycomb structure, which makes it less affected by impact or friction than other hard surfaces.

Why should I buy MOBECO?

MOBECO is lightweight, durable, sweat proof and safe for the environment. You cannot go wrong. We are Australian owned and have a passion for the environment just like you. We even use biodegradable shipping packaging. MOBECO products are much more stylish than typical brightly coloured rubber and foam alternatives. This maintains the modern, classy look of your home, gym, studio and office spaces. MOBECO plants 1 tree for every purchase made to ensure your purchase is a carbon neutral one.

Why cork?

Cork is a naturally durable and long lasting product. It's non porous so it will NOT absorb sweat and bacteria like foam products. Cork is 100% natural and does not harm the cork oak tree in the harvest process. The cork is taken from the bark and allows the tree to continue growing.

What do these things do?

MOBECO has three products, the Cork Baller, Cork Peanut and Cork Rollie. Each version has a different application. Our products relieve headaches, back pain and shoulder tension by signalling the muscle to relax. Using our products to place gentle pressure on the muscles acts like a massage. It moves blood in and out of the muscle to help you begin recovery and regulates contraction and relaxation of the tissue. Posture can be improved by mobilising key areas such as the calves, hips, gluts, shoulders, spine and neck muscles.

What packaging do you use?

We are on a mission to save the oceans from plastic and reduce waste going into landfill. We don't use any packaging for the products themselves. No plastic wrap, no boxes and no tags. We use 100% biodegradable PE bags for our shipping. Whilst our bags are biodegradable it is even better for you to recycle the mailer bag in the soft plastics REDrecyle program at your local Woolworths or Coles. We include 1 x 100% recycled paper card to say thank you. That's it! Be sure to save your thank you card as a book mark or please recycle it into your curb side recycling program. We also ask our suppliers to ship with minimal packaging and we responsibly recycle any waste that comes with our shipments. We are always open to learning how we can improve on reducing waste so if you have any feedback please to not hesitate to contact us: info@mobeco.com.au

What should I do with my old roller?

We have several suggestions for what you can do with your old rollers and tools. We want to make sure that you are not wasting anything! You can keep your other rollers and tools for the office, gym or home. Wherever you don't want to take your new MOBECO tools! Give them to a friend, gym, charity or sell them on facebook market place. Encourage the next user to recycle or pass on responsibly too! Finally, we are working on a recycle program. We hope that come launch we will be able to have you send back old unusable items to be recycled specifically with a business partner. Stay tuned on social media ( Instagram and Facebook) and email for this. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear your feedback: info@mobeco.com.au

Will you be bringing out anything else?

We have plans for some new and exciting products soon. These are still a while off as we are spending time developing new quality tools never seen before! We also have plans for many other health and fitness products to make the gym and your home more eco friendly. We would love to hear what you guys want to see us make! Got a suggestion? Email us at: info@mobeco.com.au

Is this good for pain?

Yes. These tools are perfect for typical pain spots like your lower back, knees, shoulders, neck and everything in between. Soon we will have a video series of how to treat common pain and injuries so stay tuned on social media for this ( Instagram and Facebook)!

Is this good for recovery?

Yes. Gentle massage can increase blood flow and circulation helping you to get water, nutrients and fresh blood cells to damaged areas so you can recover faster, relax and sleep like a baby!

Can I use this if I have an injury?

Short answer, yes. Acute or recent injuries should be rested initially however mobilising the muscles around the injury (but not on it) can aid in faster recovery. Best to seek advice from your physio, osteo or therapist before using the tools to treat the injury itself.

Is it sweat proof? If so, how!?

Cork is naturally impermeable to liquids and near impermeable to gasses. Just like a cork on the top of a wine bottle works. Ever seen a sunken wine cork? Nah, neither have we! Here's a very dry video explaining it... (pun intended): https://youtu.be/-vmvVKoR38Y

How do I know you'll really plant trees for us?

We are partnered with https://onetreeplanted.org. We will plant 1 tree with every order, this is our promise! We will Provide statements of donations if you would like to see them at any time. Please email us at info@mobeco.com.au. We will also post up on our social media once a month with our donations so make sure you follow and check for peace of mind (Instagram and Facebook)!

What about the water it takes to grow cork trees?

Cork oak is native to Western Mediterranean Basin, where there are ideal growing conditions are rainfall from 400-800 mm per year. The cork oak tree is not irrigated and grown under naturally occurring conditions.

Do you have PayPal?

No, we do not have PayPal. PayPal makes accounting for small business extremely difficult. Instead we use Stripe. Stripe is a 100%carbon neutral secure payment gateway and therefor we are proud to use them! For more information on their carbon offset please click this link: https://stripe.com/au/environment

Who delivers the parcels?

We are proud to use Sendle. Sendle is a 100% carbon offset delivery company. For more information on how Sendle offsets their carbon please click this link: https://try.sendle.com/en-au/carbon-neutral-delivery

Where does the cork and products come from?

The cork we use is grown and harvested in China. We also manufacture in China and have our items sent by boat to Australia.