Owner Rachael, spent years working in commercial gyms as a trainer and found traditional foam rollers and foam based equipment quickly deteriorated. It was thrown out and replaced with the same cheap foam and the cycle began all over again. She began researching environmentally friendly alternatives but could only ever find overpriced bamboo yoga blocks! 

And so MOBECO was born. Sustainable eco friendly mobility equipment made from environmentally friendly cork. 

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Self care that looks good.

MOBECO is all about looking good and feeling good. We have brought style to the world of mobility and recovery tools. We've banished brightly coloured, tacky rollers and balls and brought you a better way to roll. 

You can feel good by looking after the environment too. All our tools are made with natural products connecting you with the earth.

We use biodegradable packaging, recycled card and plant trees with every order.

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Our mission is to ensure every mover has access to sustainable, affordable, quality equipment. Equipment that helps move the body freely and easily without impacting the environment.

We aim to provide durable mobility equipment to ensure the

longevity of your body and the earth.

Being earth conscious should be stylish, look good on you, in your home, office and  studio.

Check out our FAQ and Sustainability sections to learn more.

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